Picture by permission from Ross Chapin Pocket Neighborhoods: Project: Greenwood Avenue Cottages Architect: Ross Chapin Architects Developer:The Cottage Company.  This picture is a representation of the two homes at the back of the common space in the Aurora Pocket Neighborhood.

New Earth Living LLC is a housing development company and general contractor committed to creating a new model for living that fosters social connection, affordability and a small ecological footprint!

These micro-communities are designed to foster interaction among residents and make it easy for neighbors to share resources and live happier, simpler, less resource-dependent lives. Residents can participate in the design of common spaces and the customization of their individual homes. We have designed these  homes  to incorporate many of the principles from the book: Pocket Neighborhoods,  by Ross Chapin:

Just beyond the porches of the three new homes are small private gardens creating peaceful personal spaces for residents to nurture and enjoy.