People say nice things about us:

“We’re writing to thank you for the lovely renovation/addition to our house. With each day, we realize how your ideas improved the entire house. Our home is a haven of comfort with well designed and efficient space. We cannot tell you how much we love your designs and the quality of your work. The library alone is one of the most beautiful rooms we’ve ever seen with incredible attention to detail but we must also include our appreciation of the lovely victorian style bathroom and ingenious use of existing space as well as the new deck–what a great idea to have a built in flower box!

“It adds a really nice touch.

“We also wanted to thank the crew for their courteous, careful consideration and fine work. We especially want to thank Tim–he not only was there every day ensuring quality, he even made sure our houseplants didn’t die!

“It was a pleasure working with you, Dan, the crew and we are very grateful each day as we grow to love our new space more and more. In short, the house with all the new additions and the deck are nothing short of wonderful!”

– Susan Currie/Christine McNamara

“We wanted to let you know how delighted we are with the design and remodeling work you did for us. Your efforts have simply transformed our house.

“The new layout for the kitchen, with maple cabinets, Italian tile and French doors has made this a favorite place. What a contrast with the dark, closed-in kitchen we used to have! We also love the new bath, walk-in closet, French doors, and porch added to the master bedroom.

“Most of all, we appreciate the time you took with us to work through all of the custom details that made a project like this a success.

– Liz Peters/Bill Schulze

“There are not enough superlatives to describe Sue Cosentini and Cosentini Construction, Inc. Her creativity, ecology consciousness, and design vision, combined with her fiscal responsibility and extensive technical knowledge, melded to create for me a retreat center that was not just beautiful and functional, but also had a soothing, healing atmosphere.

“She was open to the creative process and encouraged discussion and brain-storming with all my ideas and questions.

“My retreat center truly reflects a joint effort of myself Sue Cosentini, Cosentini Construction, Inc., and the wonderful team of professionals that she assembled to bring it to completion. All of the subcontractors were excellent, both in attitude and skills.

“Sue Cosentini and Cosentini Construction, Inc. are my only choice for future projects and I can whole-heartedly recommend them.”

– Mary Boardman, Natures Song Retreat Center

“I am the owner of La Forza, a coffee shop on The Commons in Ithaca. I also own a home in the Cornell Heights neighborhood of Ithaca. I have been working with Sue Cosentini for about a year and a half now on various projects. Sue handled the demolition and build out at La Forza. We occupy the entire building at 146 The Commons. Remodeling the space was a huge project as we were forced to tear out everything that existed back to the base structure, repair and reinforce that and then build out. The resultant space is unique and eye catching. The people that Sue hired to work on the project were of the finest calibre and she has been continually available to us since construction was completed over a year ago to handle any concerns, questions or problems we have had.

I was so pleased with La Forza and my working relationship with Sue that this past summer I had her build a substantial addition onto my home. The house is a Dutch Colonial built in 1918 and is located in an historical district. I wanted to create an addition that could pass as an original part of the house. We added a large eat in kitchen with island on the first floor and on the second floor extended the master bedroom and created a new master bath. The work is really amazing. On the exterior, the new siding perfectly matches and lines up with the old. The roofline of the addition is just a slightly smaller repetition of the existing gambrel. Inside Sue’s people perfectly recreated the house’s mouldings on all new windows and doorways and even managed to match finishes on the oak flooring. The space we created is warm and inviting, easy to maintain and a joy to live, cook and entertain in. I have dinner guests every week now and they love my kitchen.

“I am perhaps not the easiest person to work with when it comes to my living space because my tastes are a bit more daring than most. However, the people that Sue had me work with were able to accommodate every one of my whims and maintain a good humor about it. Sue is now finishing up a complete renovation of my second bathroom and it is really spectacular. We have done some very ornate tile work all over the bathroom.

Sue’s most important strength is her ability to develop a sense of clients’ tastes, needs and desires. I had only the vaguest ideas of what I wanted to do in the different areas of my house. I explained to Sue and to the people she hired and what they created was exactly what I wanted. Before the extension was built I could not fully articulate precisely what I needed, but Sue built it anyway. Every time change something or add something extra she is right there to take care of it. Never once has she been unavailable or unresponsive to me. I can highly recommend her work in both a commercial and home setting.”

– Nicole Bartner

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