The Ithaca Journal, July 9, 2013

Compact 36-unit housing proposed for Town of Ithaca

Developer of Aurora Street pocket neighborhood looks to Five Mile Drive

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| Staff report

ITHACA, NY – The company that developed the Aurora Street pocket neighborhood of small, highly energy-efficient houses clustered together in Ithaca’s Fall Creek neighborhood has announced plans for a much larger but similar project on Five Mile Drive in the Town of Ithaca.

The project by New Earth Living is to consist of 36 houses in five clusters, or pocket neighborhoods, on a site in the Cayuga Inlet valley in the town’s southwest. It would also have a common house, bike and canoe sheds, vegetable gardens, and a potential forest garden.

It would have shared photovoltaic arrays, and houses would have super-insulation and rainwater harvesting. New Earth Living founder Sue Cosentini also plans car sharing and car- and bike-pooling using an internal Internet-based reservation and coordination system, according to the company’s announcement. Another transportation option would be the extension of the Black Diamond Trail, a multi-use path on the west side of the city and town, Cosentini noted.

The project is being called Amabel, a medieval feminine name that gave rise to the family name of the site’s present owners, the Mobbses, according to Cosentini. It’s at 619 Five Mile Drive.

In addition to promoting energy efficiency and fitting more residences on less land, the project, like the Aurora Street cluster and the much larger and older Ecovillage at Ithaca also in the town, is designed to promote social connectivity centered on the common house.

“It is our intention to create living environments which foster connection among neighbors that are living gently on the earth, two sides of the same coin that are at the core of a brilliant new future, and at the heart of what we intend to create at Amabel,” Cosentini said.


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