Community Building/Conscious Communication

Commun-ity/Commun-ication; It is no coincidence that Community and Communication have the same base word: Commune: to be in a state of intimate sensitivity and receptivity. What if instead of information transfer; communication meant being sensitive and receptive in...

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Early Adopters

By Haya El Nasser, USA TODAY When Brian and Colleen Ducey's two adult children moved out, their large empty home on a quiet dead-end street in Seattle suddenly lost its homey feel. By Andy Rogers/Red Box Pictures,Brian and Colleen Ducey, right, chat with neighbor...

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Quality of Life happens in the in-between

Pocket Neighborhoods Dwelling Circles are Pocket Neighborhoods plus three important additions: Sustainability, social justice and intentional creation of trust, respect and care with the Listening Workshop. Good developments come in small packages Review by Philip...

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Welcome to our new website, created by Shirari Industries, a sustainability-oriented design and consulting partnership located right here in Ithaca, New York. We're excited to bring you the latest news about New Earth Living - we've had some exciting developments!...

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Aurora Pocket Neighborhood — Our first community

What are Pocket Neighborhoods?