The Listening Workshop

Commun-ity/Commun-ication; It is no coincidence that Community and Communication have the same base word: Commune: to be in a state of intimate sensitivity and receptivity.

What if instead of information transfer; communication meant being sensitive and receptive in conversation?

What if instead of a geographical area or like-minded people; community meant a group of people that are sensitive and receptive to each other?  We have designed a 4 hour workshop that miraculously teaches this skill. Communication is the access to Community. Community is the core of Resiliency and Resiliency is at the heart of Sustainability


The Listening Workshop:

Vital components of caring and consciousness are practiced and manifested in this workshop. Participants develop a capacity and willingness to understand the world of a speaker while subordinating the primary obstacles to effective listening: judgment, opinion and a universal desire to give advice and reassure. The outcome is a fundamental understanding between the speaker and the listener that produces surprising results and builds strong bonds of trust and respect crucial to resilience and community.  This workshop is free and open to the public! Workshops are the third Saturday of each month from 9am to 1pm at Ithaca Community Childcare 579 Warren Rd. Ithaca NY it is FREE and open to the public please come.

> Directions:
Turn East off Rt 13 onto Warren Road. Go .4 mile to IC3. It is on the left, just past the light (between Cayuga Medical Center and BOCES)