First, I want to thank you for your patience in waiting for information about the creation of this neighborhood– Thank You!! I have been out of touch because I really wanted to have something exciting to share with you, and I now I do: Amabel Pocket Neighborhood has finally received Town of Ithaca subdivision approval!

Which is a pretty momentous thing and is also not the end of the regulatory, legal and permitting process. But it is the beginning of the end. Next steps are to get the approval of the NYS Attorney General so that we can offer the newly approved home/lots for sale. Simultaneously I am working with the municipality to iron out the details on the waste water system and sitework contractors to establish the costs for the site clearing, road, water, sewer and storm water systems, and the structural engineer on the final home construction details. It is all very exciting.

I am working very hard to make the homes at Amabel as warm and cozy (and cool in the summer) as possible. Meeting your needs and desires for layout and design, ultra low maintenance and cost effective at the same time.

Please visit the website: to see the new video about Amabel, to download the house plans and to look at the interior and exterior renderings. Once I have all the costs from the agencies, specialists and suppliers compiled I will have the prices for the homes and their various configurations up there too.

Very soon we will have the Amabel Connection website up so you can meet others that are interested and start having conversations!

Thank you once again for your interest and I very much look forward to meeting you.

Warmest regards,
Sue Cosentini