Our Board of Advisors

  • Fred Schoeps – Management consultant; board member and treasurer, Eco-Village at Ithaca
  • Jeff Furman – Treasurer of the Ben & Jerry’s foundation, President of Social Ventures
  • Patricia Brown & Michael Matteson – Business Development Advisors; principles of Integrated Business Ventures
  • J Howard Kunstler – Expert in suburban and urban development. Best selling author, of The Geography of Nowhere, and The Long Emergency.
  • Riane Eisler – Eminent social scientist. Bestselling author of The Chalice and the Blade and The Real Wealth of Nations and president of the Center for Partnership Studies
  • Mary Boardman – Psychologist; founder of Nature’s Song Retreat Center
  • Noah Demarest – Project Manager Trowbridge and Wolf LEED AP
  • McKenzie Jones-Rounds – Environmental studies and city and regional planning Cornell University